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Hebrew Reading Beginners Course

DATE: Starting 19 May and continuing for 6 Sundays

TIME: 4pm
COST: $90 for entire course (early bird and member discounts)
LOCATION: East Melbourne Synagogue Synagogue

Lech Lecha

Contributed by Marcel Why did G-d choose Abraham, over all others? In the parsha Noah, G-d appeared to show understanding when He reminded Himself “the devising’s of man’s mind are […]


Genesis and the reappearance of God Contribution By Marcel  I believe that imagination plus knowledge leads to creativity. My writing is about using the little knowledge I have, and combine it […]

Abraham, Knife

Contributed by  Dr Howard G. He gets up early. There’s a task he has to carry out. He wonders if it’s a test. He looks down at himself. Circumcise yourself, […]

Sukkot Insight

First day Sukkot 2021, Torah Reading By Marcel  There is a strange command in this Torah reading… “You shall dwell in booths for a seven day period every native in […]


By Dr Howard Goldenberg When my stroke struck it struck my words I’d speak a word and hear it slurred The stroke struck my spoken word – My word! How […]