Sponsor a Kiddush

The Shabbat and Festival kiddush is an idyllic time where we come together as a community in a warm and friendly social setting while partaking in some refreshments and drinks. Kiddush sponsorships are encouraged especially if you are celebrating an occasion such as a yahrzeit, anniversary or Simcha.

Looking forward to celebrating with you!


As a general outline these are the costs for kiddushim

Shabbat / Festival Kiddush – Standard $280
Includes such items as fish, cut up fruits and/or vegetables, fritters, cakes, crackers and dip, Kiddush wine and drinks. (Serves about 30 people.)

Shabbat / festival Kiddush – Lavish $700
Includes such items as 2 types of fish and herring, vegetable platters, fruit platters, fritters, spring rolls, multiple types of sweets and cakes, crackers and dips, 2 types of vegetable salads. (serves about 60)

Wine, whiskey and drinks.

The packages are flexible and we can add elements to suite your needs and then cost it accordingly.

We also accommodate all of Melbourne’s kosher caterers. Arrangements can be made directly with them. Follow up communication regarding deliveries and other logistics should take place with our office.

During winter months a Cholent may be served.

You can sponsor the kiddush exclusively or contribute to the kiddush with an amount of your choosing.

We currently have Kiddush Sponsorship available for The High Holyday season including:

  • Day 1 Sukkos
  • Day 2 Sukkos
  • Simchat Torah Eve
  • Simchat Torah Day
  • Shabbat

Please let us know in the notes which kiddush you would like to sponsor.