East Melbourne Synagogue Restoration and Expansion

Melbourne City Mikvah

At the heart of this renaissance project lies an amenity that has been, and remains, the most critical feature of Jewish life throughout theages: A Mikvah.

Just as human life cannot exist without fresh water, Jewish life cannot exist without the water of a Mikvah. Mikvaos are key to fostering Jewish homes and ensuring a Jewish future. Yet, there are thousands of Jews outside of the Jewish areas of Melbourne living without easy access to this essential source of Jewish life.

A Mikvah – Why?

Despite its storied Jewish history and recent renaissance, the entire northern half of Melbourne does not have access to a Halachically acceptable Mikvah. Practically, this means that women, whether locals or visitors, staying in the city, or living in the North, North West or North East of Melbourne have great difficulty accessing Mikvah during the week and are unable to attend a Mikvah on Shabbos/Yomtov at all.

East Melbourne Shul receives many Mikvah requests often from travelers staying in the hotel precinct in the city or locals from the inner north.

Building our Mikvah

There have been considerable challenges in planning a Mikvah on our Shul site. Heritage considerations, especially regarding the need to dig in the vicinity of the historic school room and Shul sanctuary, make the construction of a Mikvah particularly difficult on our site. However, with significant input from renowned Mikvah experts and the creativity of our architects, a location has been found and plans have been developed. Discreetly positioned on the Western side of the Shul, there is a space to house a compact but fully functioning and halachically sound boutique Mikvah.(We also anticipate that our Mikvah will become a ‘world leading’ template for similarly placed historic Shuls worldwide, allowing them to create a Mikvah on a minimal footprint with heritage limitations.)Work has already begun on the groundwork and Mikvah reservoir. Complex engineering solutions including half moon piles, capping beams and underpinning to support the Mikvah basin are complete and the Mikvah basin is ready to be poured.

It is our intention to build one the world’s most impressive boutique Mikvah facilities in the heart of the CBD.

We warmly invite you to partner in our Mikvah in the city and it would give us great pleasure to acknowledge your contribution for posterity.

Our Mikvah is estimated to cost around $390,000. A contribution of any kind to assist with the construction, fit out and running costs of the Mikvah will be much appreciated.
Major Donors of $50,000 and above will receive naming rights for the Mikvah spaces or elements.
In recognition of contributions of $18,000 and above we will dedicate a place on our Honour Board in your name, your family’s name, or in the name of your loved one.

Of course you can donate any amount of your choosing towards the Mikvah. Your contribution will ensure that women that may otherwise not use a mikvah at all will have access to a local, high
quality, mehudar Mikvah ensuring the continuity of Jewish families in our sacred tradition.

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