East Melbourne Synagogue Restoration and Expansion

Melbourne City Mikvah

At the heart of this renaissance project lies an amenity that has been, and remains, the most critical feature of Jewish life throughout the ages: A Mikvah.

Just as human life cannot exist without fresh water, Jewish life cannot exist without the water of a Mikvah. Mikvaos are key to fostering Jewish homes and ensuring a Jewish future. Yet, there are thousands of Jews outside of the Jewish areas of Melbourne living without easy access to this essential source of Jewish life.

It is our intention to build one the world’s most impressive boutique Mikvah facilities in the heart of the CBD.

We warmly invite you to partner in our Mikvah in the city and it would give us great pleasure to acknowledge your contribution for posterity.

We are seeking a major sponsor of $90,000 who we would receive the honour of naming rights to our Mikvah facility – a longstanding testimony of your generosity, and our gratitude.

In addition, we are also seeking a limited number of ten sponsors of $18,000 each. In recognition of your support, we would like to dedicate a place on our Honour board in your name, your family’s name, or in the name of your loved one. 

If you wish to proceed with one these options, please email office@melbournecitysynagogue.com or proceed to the payment options below.

Alternatively feel free to donate any amount of your choosing towards the Mikvah by CLICKING HERE.

Your contribution will ensure that women that may otherwise not be able to use a mikvah at all will have access to a local, high quality Mikvah ensuring the continuity of Jewish families in our sacred tradition.

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