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Inner City Jew by Justine Sless

I am a fabled Jew of the North, of the red lipstick wearing, Radio National quoting, back yard chook owner variety. I am conversant in acronyms, grant writing idioms and the bureau speak of the not for profit sector from my day job and I can wax lyrical for hours about the perils, pleasures and […]

“What Will We Think” By Dr Howard Goldenberg

What will we think When we look back? How will we change And be changed?   I My little minyan, Suspended; Ancient prayer, Older than the Era, Ended. Have we ever before – Before the Roman, Or before Inquisitor Or in the camps – Ceased to foregather?   I’ve bewailed Jerusalem Alone, in the outback, ‘How, […]


According to the Kabbalah, all humanity heard, in some form, the Divine Voice at Mt Sinai. Each soul experienced that sound according to their inner receptivity. The long days of making our way through this wilderness of sparse rocky terrain and the nights sleeping on its harsh gravel floor are behind us. At last we […]

The Return of Reverend Jacob Lenzer’s Piano

  He is an impressive sight sitting in front of the solid upright piano, broad shouldered, with a full brown beard and long hair curled at the shoulders. His baritone singing resonates and fills the room whilst his fingers dance along the keys. It could be a winter’s Motzei Shabbos, the smell of the Havdallah […]