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According to the Kabbalah, all humanity heard, in some form, the Divine Voice at Mt Sinai. Each soul experienced that sound according to their inner receptivity.

The long days of making our way through this wilderness of sparse rocky terrain and the nights sleeping on its harsh gravel floor are behind us. At last we have arrived at our appointed place on the plain at the base of another mountain, reaching our goal just as the sun begins to set. The large mountain range ahead of us turns golden as the rays of the sun filter their last ounce of the day’s allotment. Before the moon begins its nightly climb through the indigo sky, bright stars slowly appear – one by one – gradually and silently filling the velvet night with familiar silver images of light.

Looking around, there are others who have travelled far, survived the rigours of change and who, at last, have begun to recognise the importance and wonder of being brought to this place. We have been told to wait, here, at the base of the mountain, for a few days. Palpable anticipation fills the air as our curiosity grows.

At night the silhouette of the mountain range becomes somewhat electric; a sharp line of light defines its shape against the blackness of the sky. The desert sands and rocks on which some of us stand and some of us rest are warm, and seem to hum and tingle.

Over the next two days, wispy clouds gently appear from nowhere and glide across the blueness towards the apex of the mountain, drawn to it like a magnet. During these days we easily find fresh water. We bathe, wash our clothes and get our campsite in order. As we go about our daily tasks, the mountain top becomes ringed by more clouds and we can no longer see the sharp edge between earth and sky.

We huddle together, looking towards the peak which has disappeared beneath cloud. Our group has become silent – watching, waiting and tentatively receptive.

Without warning, on the third day, from the middle of the clouds, deep sound reverberates while beams of light flash out in all directions. At first, individually and as a group, we murmur about the magic of it all and some begin to shake with fright.

It’s pretty clear that we are experiencing something awesome and way beyond our simple understanding. The ground at our feet rumbles and seems to vibrate, the clouds change to thick smoke and the flashes of light and thunder continue.

After an indeterminate time, it all settles. The air clears and only a few pale clouds remain. From where we huddle, I see a bright light coming from the clouds. As we all watch, this light seems to become stronger and brighter filling the entire valley.

Looking to the mountain slopes we see our Group Leader carrying something in his arms make his steady way toward where we wait. The word goes around that he’s been given something important to assist us as we continue our wandering towards the Holy Land of our dreams.

The talk in our group shows we know we’ve been witness to a special moment, something that we will, forever, tell our children and grandchildren no matter where our travels take us.

Fay Abromwich
May 2020