Pesach Shul Service Schedule and Registration

Pesach services are of the most joyous and meaningful kind. The themes are liberation, love and joy. You are welcome to attend. Please note the service times and register your attendance.

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The Service times are below. It is helpful if you fill the form below to register your attendance.

1st Night Pesach – Friday, April 15, 2022

Light Candles at 5:36pm

Shabbat Eve Service at 6pm

Community Pesach Seder at 6:30pm

(Must pre-book in order to attend)

1st Day Pesach – Saturday April 16, 2002

Shabbat/Festival Service – 10am

Followed by a Pesach Kiddush

2nd Night Pesach – Saturday April 16 2022

Candle Lighting at 6:32pm

2nd Day Pesach – Sunday 17th April

Shabbat/Festival Service – 10am

Followed by a Pesach Kiddush

First part of YomTov Ends at 6:31pm

7th Eve of Pesach – Thursday 21 April

Candle lighting at 5:28 pm

7th Day of Pesach – Friday 22 April

10am Festival Service – Followed by kiddush

8th Eve of Pesach – Friday 22 April

Candle Lighting at 5:27pm

Evening Prayer Service at 6:30pm

8th Day of Pesach – Saturday 23 April

Shabbat/festival Service 10am. Yizkor 11:15am.
Pesach/Shabbat concludes at 6:23pm

(In order to allow time for the Rabbi to repurchase the chametz, please refrain from chametz consumption until 7pm.)

*Due to the fact that it is a festival candles should be lit from an existing flame.

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