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Our Shul has recently undergone a rigorous renovation. We have installed new light features, replastered and sanded the walls, updated our central heating system, and even a new bathroom!

When you join the MINYAN CLUB  you will become a part of the warm and welcoming environment our shul has to offer and have access to all the new and updated amenities.

Our gorgeous shul is waiting to be filled with the warmth of its members and visitors alike

If it is your first time attending our Synagogue, for security reasons, please include a reference such as your Rabbi, regular or previous congregation or even your employer. ?

  • To join the MINYAN CLUB: Pre-registration is required – Please fill out the form below prior to the Shabbat you are registering for.
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  • Friday Night Service

  • Shabbos Day Service

    If you are only able to come one every other month. Please inform us which month you will begin
  • Rosh Chodesh Attendance

    This coming month is Rosh Chodesh Av (29/07/2022)
  • Looking forward to seeing you at shul😃